Welcome to the Geba Carpet Gallery

A fifteenth-century building frames our modern carpet designs: The Geba Carpet Gallery is a beautiful showroom for rug art. It highlights Geba’s proximity to architecture and represents sensitivity in handling tradition. The historical vaulted ceilings of a former Dominican monastery that is over 500 years old is paired here with modern presentation technology. The gallery is an ideal place to experience the many different carpet designs with all your senses in a spacious atmosphere.

A place to meet and get inspired

Just as our carpet designs inspire and bring people together, the gallery is also a place for meeting and conversing with people who are attracted to its extraordinary ambience—at concerts, readings, and art openings or for a morning cup of coffee and a conversation about art, design, the zeitgeist, and anything else our gallery inspires one to think about.

We are happy to make our premises available for concerts, events, and celebrations.

Find out about current events in our blog!

Schaufenster bei Nacht der Teppichgalerie Geba, mit Mason red und Suzani im Hintergrund zu sehen - Geba Teppich

Carpets and home accessories

The gallery features our carpet designs supplemented by choice home accessories that express our understanding of interior design.
Be inspired and accent your walls with art and products created by artists and designers from all over the world. We are happy to help with selection and compilation.

The Geba Showroom

Graz. World Heritage Site, UNESCO City of Design, an (almost) Mediterranean city, filled with vibrancy and lifestyle. This is a place where tradition and avant-garde meet in a way seen nowhere else, where Acconci’s Mur Island and Cook and Fournier’s world-famous Kunsthaus are nestled together with the historic old town, Schlossberg (Castle Hill), and the clock tower. For the Geba Carpet Gallery, this is not just a location—it is our home, and we find new inspiration every day in the pulsating metropolis.