The story that shapes our company

The internet is a medium of instantaneous information—but here we are talking about rugs, and rugs want to tell stories. If you love carpets the way we do, you also enjoy taking the time to listen to their stories, to travel with them: from carpet dealers, taxi drivers, and art galleries in the 1980s, to the dusty Anatolian highlands, to the mountain passes between Tibet and Nepal. This is what shaped Harald Geba and his carpet gallery, and what still influences our actions and how we see our responsibility today.

Schöne Perspektive im Geba Showroom in Graz, mit Design Yarlung green auf Teppichstapel und im Hintergrund Moneo - Geba Teppich

Geba Carpet Gallery

The Geba carpet gallery is a special place in the heart of Graz’s old town is in a building with more than 500 years of history. This is the perfect setting for our carpets, as well as for our love of culture.


Geladenen Gäste bei der Präsentation der Teppiche von Gerhard Roth und Harald Geba.
Works from author Gerhard Roth’s photo book SPUREN. Harald Geba turned works from author Gerhard Roth’s photo book SPUREN. Aus den Fotografien von 2007 bis 2017 (TRACES: A Selection of Photographs from 2007 to 2017) into carpets. The exhibition was officially opened on 10 May 2022.
Geba Teppich Antique Blue ziert die Lounge der "Design Days 2022" im Schloss Grafenegg - Geba rugs
From 6–8 May 2022, we were proud to present our latest Geba carpet collection designs at the Design Days on the fairytale grounds of Grafenegg Castle.
Harald Geba’s carpets can be found in private residences, hotels, and institutions around the world: the Salzburg Cathedral, for example, or the Palais Sans Souci in Vienna, Admont Abbey, Hotel Chasa Montana in Switzerland, and Hotel Pfefferkorn in Lech.
Following the motto “always keep moving,” Harald Geba has set lofty goals for the future. In addition to the company’s own design lines and collections, Geba aims to grow a platform for creative ideas and young innovative designers in the years to come.
Geba Messestand beim der Veranstaltung "Design District 2021" mit Antique yellow, Inca, Japel, Vintage grey, Antique blue und Namur red Silk - Geba Teppich
Vienna’s Hofburg was transformed into a world of design experience as part of the Design District 1010 that took place 8 –10 October 2021. Geba was not only there, it was highly featured.
Conferred in 2018 by the governors, the Styrian state coat of arms now graces the Geba Carpet Gallery. Conferred in 2018 by the governors, the Styrian state coat of arms now graces the Geba Carpet Gallery.
Der Grazer Landhaushof mit seinen schönen Arkaden bot zahlreichen Gästen Platz und eine Schöne Atmosphäre bei der 30 Jahre Feier der Teppichgalerie Geba - Geba Teppich
In 2017 friends, acquaintances, and connections from politics and business joined in congratulating Harald Geba on the company’s anniversary—it was a great time! The short film GEBA—The Path to the Carpet was also presented.
The Geba Carpet Gallery continually strives to make new ideas and projects come to life in collaboration with artists. A carpet was made together with artist Patrick Rampelotto for MAK Vienna.