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More than 35 years of experience in furnishing and designing private homes, offices, hotels, and public buildings speak for themselves. With an exceptionally broad range of production options, Geba is the perfect partner for integrating carpets into your interior design. “Our experience, expertise, and service are valued by architects, designers, and brand managers worldwide,” explains Harald.
We are happy to contribute our knowledge, experience, and skills to your project.

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Ein Geba Colorchart aus unserem Sortiment - Geba Teppich

Color and design

We can develop a perfectly coordinated color and design concept to create a carpet that is part of your corporate identity. Choice of color is key: the Geba color palette covers 256 individual hues that can be freely combined to create any design. In addition, all predefined colors (RAL, etc.) can be implemented with precision.

Geba works with two separate carpet studios specialized in the creation of very different designs. One studio uses only natural dyes for coloring, while the other uses synthetics. Synthetic colors are recommended whenever exact color matching is the goal. Natural colors are perfect if there is more room for individuality and chance.

Der Siegerentwurf "Carpet Corner" vom Berliner Architekturbüro "kadawittfeldarchitektur" der Veranstaltung Architektur der Fläche - Geba Teppich

Shape, size, and production time

Individually manufactured rugs of various shapes (e.g. rectangular, square, round, runner, triangle, ellipse, and more) and sizes (including oversized up to a length of 15 m and a width of 10 m) are possible on request. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, production time is approximately 8 to 16 weeks from design approval.

Unbearbeitete frisch geschorene Wolle in Nepal - Geba Teppich

Variety of materials

Tibetan highland sheep wool—sheared, carded, and spun by hand—is our basic material.

• Absorbs moisture and odor and is self-cleaning
• Retains body heat and regulates temperature
• Flame retardant, antistatic, and antibacterial
• Highly elastic and durable

• Provides added suppleness
• Gives a soft shine and natural elegance
• High shape stability
• Exceptionally durable and rip resistant
• Fineness allows high knot density

• Absorbs moisture
• Water-repellent
• Warms in winter and cools in summer
• Antibacterial

Detailaufnahme unterschiedner Materialien für Teppiche - Geba Teppich

Vegan Materials

Made from alternative materials, many Geba carpets are particularly suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to wool.

• rougher surface
• highly robust and durable
• antistatic and dust-repellent
• does not ignite when heated (chars only, up to 1000°C)
• particularly suitable for hallways, kitchens, and spa areas

• cooling and pleasant
• repels bacteria
• almost antistatic
• dirt resistant

Ausschnitt eines Teppichmusters mit dem Material Soja Seide - Geba Teppich

• Soy silk shares many properties with animal silk.
• shimmering shine
• high moisture absorption
• temperature regulating
• is fully biodegradable

All our carpets with the materials listed above are tested for color fastness and fire resistance (B1 / Q1).

We can also use other materials, such as: Bamboo silk, nettle, viscose, and many others.

Zwei unterschiedliche Knüpfarten die die Teppichgalerie Geba anbietet (Cut and Loop) - Geba Teppich

Knotting and texture

The Tibetan sling knot makes extraordinary textures possible: Loops are usually cut open after knotting. However, loops can also be left intact for specific parts of the pattern. Mixing cut and intact loops creates an interesting interplay of texture. These effects can be intensified by using different pile heights.

All Geba carpets are made with at least 100 knots per square inch. This density can be increased up to 200 knots per square inch. The finer the knot, the more precisely the pattern can be crafted, imbuing the carpet with additional elegance.

Nahaufnahme des Vintage green Geba Teppichs, Reliefschnitt, Seide und Wolle - Geba Teppich

Pile height and relief cuts

The standard pile heights—6, 9, and 12 mm—are made by knotting the yarn onto sticks of varying circumference. Individual heights up to 50 mm can be manufactured on request. Low piles make higher precision designs possible. A higher pile has a softer and cozier feel.

To create a relief-like effect and to make various elements appear more three-dimensional, we trim the pile by hand.

Verschiedene Geba Teppichmuster in blau, gelb, violett und hellblau - Geba Teppich


We can make a 40 x 40 cm sample for any carpet, which will clearly show the colors, design, and materials. Please note that a sample production takes around three weeks.

Einige unserer Referenzen: Salzburger Dom, Red Bull Ring, Casinos Austria und viele mehr - Geba Teppich


An internationally valued design and architecture partner, the Geba company has tremendous experience and a high degree of flexibility for special requirements and working methods.
Star architects including Richard Meyer (USA), Gustav Peichl (Austria), Dietmar Feichtinger (Austria) in Paris, abd Kilian Kada (Austria & Germany) are long-standing partners and customers of Geba.
Geba carpets can be found in hotels, boutiques, restaurants, offices, and in more than 8,000 private homes around the world. A small selection of our client references here: