Visit our carpet gallery!

The Geba Carpet Gallery, with its historic vaulted ceilings in the heart of Graz’s old town, is a place to slow down and take a break. Immerse yourself in a world of carpets, relax, and allow the different designs to take effect. Have a cup of coffee or tea, sit on a stack of carpets, run your fingers through the highland wool. Our team loves helping you explore the gallery in detail and taking the time to respond to your wishes and questions.

Online, but personal

If the road to the gallery is just too far, visit our web shop and look around online. If you need any advice or have any questions, give us a call. We will gladly make time for you.
Send us a photo of the space you want a carpet for—we can use our years of experience to help you find the perfect size and design.
Please, get in touch!

Geba Home Service

If the distance makes it possible, scheduling an in-home visit is the best way to make a decision.
Carpets communicate with their environment, and look very different in the gallery and web shop than they do in a home. This is why we recommend selecting a few different carpets, either at the gallery or online. We are happy to deliver your chosen carpets in person and with no obligation, in order to see first-hand which rug is the perfect one for your room.
Finale Waschung des Teppichs in Nepal - Geba Teppich

Repair and cleaning

Accidents happen. We are at your disposal to repair or clean your carpet together with our selected partners. We love all carpets and are happy to do our very best to make them look new again.

Size guide

Living spaces are always very personal and unique in their own way. This can, in some cases, lead to indecisiveness in terms of size.

Our decades of experience can help you find the perfect shape and size.