Our vegan materials

Made from alternative materials, many Geba carpets are particularly suitable for people who are sensitive or allergic to wool.

Detailaufnahme unterschiedner Materialien für Teppiche - Geba Teppich

• rougher surface
• highly robust and durable
• antistatic and dust-repellent
• does not ignite when heated (chars only, up to 1000°C)
• particularly suitable for hallways, kitchens, and spa areas

• cooling and pleasant
• repels bacteria
• almost antistatic
• dirt resistant

Ausschnitt eines Teppichmusters mit dem Material Soja Seide - Geba Teppich

• Soy silk shares many properties with animal silk.
• shimmering shine
• high moisture absorption
• temperature regulating
• is fully biodegradable

We also use other materials including:

• bamboo silk
• nettle
• viscose
• banana silk
and many more