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You can expect the best from a Geba rug! We are happy to fulfill any desire, whether with a bespoke rug or from our large inventory of unique creations. At our carpet gallery in Graz, we take the time necessary to make your carpet dreams come true.

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Geba Teppich "Transitions" entworfen von Labvert, Stephan Vary aus Wien, aus Nepal, besteht aus zwei ineinander verschmelzenden Teppichen mit abgerundeten Seiten, in gelb-violett-blau, aus Nepal, gefertigt aus tibetischer Hochlandschafwolle - Produktbild - Geba Teppich

Shape, size, and production time

Choose between rectangular, square, round, runner, triangle, and oval … in the size you need. Large sizes are possible up to a length of 15 m and a width of 10 m. Depending on the complexity, the size, and the design, production times are between 8 and 20 weeks from when the design is approved.

Ein Geba Colorchart aus unserem Sortiment - Geba Teppich


The Geba palette encompasses 256 different shades of color that can be freely combined to create any design. Geba works with two separate carpet studios specialized in the creation of very different designs. One studio uses only natural dyes for coloring, while the other uses synthetics. Synthetic colors are recommended whenever exact color matching is the goal. Natural colors are perfect if there is more room for individuality and chance. In addition, all predefined colors (RAL, etc.) can be implemented with precision.

Geba carpet "Vintage green silk" with oranments made of silk in green on beige background made of sheep's wool, from Nepal, 100 knot, 65% sheep's wool and 35% chinese silk - product picture - Geba carpet

Pile height

The standard pile heights—6, 9, and 12 mm—are made by knotting the yarn onto sticks of varying circumference. Individual heights up to 50 mm can be manufactured on request. Low piles make higher precision designs possible. A higher pile has a softer and cozier feel.

Geba carpet "Antique blue" abstract and modern design of a classic carpet, different shades of blue an grey, with a border, from Nepal, 100 knot, 90% sheep's wool and 10% chinese silk - product picture - Geba carpet

Relief (Pile) cut

To create a relief-like effect and to make various elements appear more three-dimensional, we trim the pile by hand.

Die Haptik unseres Vintage Aubergine ist mit dem hohen Seitenteil ein unvergessliches Gefühl - Geba Teppich

Surface texture

The Tibetan sling knot makes extraordinary textures possible: Loops are usually cut open after knotting, however, loops can also be left intact for specific parts of the pattern. Mixing cut and intact loops creates an interesting interplay of texture. These effects can be intensified by using different pile heights.

Zwei unterschiedliche Knüpfarten die die Teppichgalerie Geba anbietet (Cut and Loop) - Geba Teppich


All Geba carpets are made with at least 100 knots per square inch. But this density can be increased up to 200 knots per square inch. The finer the knot, the more precisely the pattern can be crafted, imbuing the carpet with additional elegance.


Incorporating hemp, silk, or even crystals into the basic material of highland wool can create even more interesting effects. Hemp will make a rug appear rougher, and walking barefoot on it almost feels like a gentle foot massage. Silk can be used to emphasize contours and create shine, as well as making the rug finer and softer to the touch. Swarovski crystals add carefully placed highlights to a carpet design.