Die Jury der "Architektur der Fläche": Harald Geba, Ralf Herms, Manuela Hötzl, Michael Kienzer und Gustav Peichl - Geba Teppich

Architecture of space

Uniqueness has always been an important consideration for Harald Geba, and has led to numerous collaborations between artists, designers, and architects. He now plans to initiate competitions and collaborative projects dedicated to specific themes, showing how textile design pieces can be used in a variety of spaces.

Der 3. Platz beim Wettbewerb "Architektur der Fläche" namens Carpet Furniture von Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten - Geba Teppich

In a first step, the Architecture of Space competition was developed together with Manuela Hötzl from the architecture magazine 100 Häuser, and it has already achieved impressive results. The submissions, from eight renowned design and architecture firms, run the gamut from colorful to abstract, from three-dimensional to modular concepts.

Der Siegerentwurf "Carpet Corner" vom Berliner Architekturbüro "kadawittfeldarchitektur" der Veranstaltung Architektur der Fläche - Geba Teppich

The jury, led by Michael Kienzer (artist), Ralf Herms
(Agentur Rosebud), and Gustav Peichl (architect), awarded first place to the “AROUND THE CORNER” design by Aachen-based firm kadawittfeldarchitektur. The project reinterprets the very notion of what a rug is and,

Simon Aglas, Harald Geba und Stephan Vary posieren vor dem Teppich Transitions - Architektur der Fläche - Geba Teppich

as longtime Geba-connoisseur Gustav Peichl explains, “turns the carpet into a three-dimensional sculpture.” The two ex aequo second-place projects, by Stephan Vary (Labvert) and Dietmar Feichtinger (Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes), also have a highly innovative take on the familiar image of a rectangular carpet, using abundant color, high-contrast tonal combinations, new shapes, fitted modules, and space-creating concepts.

Harald Geba im Gespräch mit Gästen bei der Veranstaltung Architektur der Fläche - Geba Teppich