Der Bildband Spuren vom Künstler und Schriftsteller Gerhard Roth auf einem Geba Teppich - Geba Teppich

Exclusive Gerhard Roth carpet designs

This year, in collaboration with writer Gerhard Roth, we again presented our many innovations at the Design District in Vienna’s Hofburg, a true world of experience for luxury living design and lifestyle. Throughout the exhibition, the creative collaboration of Gerhard Roth and Harald Geba was on display, premiering these exclusive carpet designs for the first time outside our Graz gallery. Photographs from the book SPUREN by Graz author Roth took us down a path that led to unique designs based on Roth’s abstract writings on microstructures in nature. We asked designer Harald Geba for more detailed insights about these special designs.


Dear Harald, how did you get the idea of creating a design collaboration with an author?

Harald Geba: Like me, Roth has lived in southern Styria. And also like him, the diverse landscape of southern Styria has been a great source of inspiration for me. And still is. In addition to his literary works, Roth has always been a prolific photographer. In his photo bookSPUREN. A Selection of Photographs from 2007 to 2017 he uses photography to explore the microstructures of rust, ice, and mold, processing the images digitally to create new abstract works. Our shared sources of inspiration led to the idea to contact him and start a creative collaboration. I am also good friends with his daughter, architect Petra Roth-Pracher.

What was specifically inspirational about his book SPUREN?

Harald Geba: The way he found motifs; Gerhard Roth specifically dealt with the distortions of nature. The books photos, some in details or excerpted, were perfect for developing great carpet designs together. I was impressed by the patterns and the color schemes.

Zwei Roth Design Geba Teppiche - Geba Teppich

Are these exclusive designs also available in other colors?

Harald Geba: The designs are unique pieces and therefore limited editions. The colors and designs cannot be changed. However, the rugs can be sized to fit. That would, of course, create marginal differences.

You presented these designs for the first time outside of Graz at the Vienna Design District last weekend. Are these carpets now going “on tour” so they can also be seen in other showrooms?

Harald Geba: Most of the designs were sold right at the premiere presentation of the carpets, which was in Graz as part of Design Month 2022. Our partner studios have now manufactured more rugs, and we will indeed go “on tour” with them. Some will be on display in our new showroom in Haar near Munich and others at Tegernsee.

Do you have any more design collaborations with creatives, artists, and writers planned for next year?

Harald Geba: We have some really great ideas and talks going on with various artists, but aren’t quite ready yet to reveal all the details. We are excited, though, and our customers can be, too.

Harald Geba mit Unterstützung auf der Design District Messe 2022 - Geba Teppich
Geba Teppiche im Roth Designs erstrahlen auf der Design District Messe 2022 - Geba Teppich