Teppichgeschäft in Marokko, bei einer Reise von Harald Geba - Geba Teppich

The Story of a GEBA Carpet

Chapter 1: Sources of Inspiration

Starting with Harald Geba’s very first spark of an idea, all the way to its creation in Nepal in the Tibetan knotting tradition, every single GEBA rug tells a very personal story. This is what makes the charm and the character of our carpets so clear. Harald gathers inspiration for his creations while traveling, visiting international trade fairs and art galleries, watching people on the street, and in nature. GEBA’s production sites in Nepal give Harald the tremendous opportunity to experiment with his ideas before a “rug is finally rolled out”.

Just back from Morocco, Harald tells us in a personal conversation about his current sources of inspiration for the upcoming GEBA carpet collection, thus also giving us a glimpse of the new carpet stories.


Dear Harald, you have just gotten back from Marrakesh, brimming with ideas and inspiration for your carpet designs. What impressed you about this trip in particular?

Harald Geba: I was invited to Marrakech under royal patronage to visit a fair for Moroccan arts and crafts. I simultaneously used this wonderful invitation as a source of inspiration for new carpet designs, especially as a trip to a foreign country with a culture as exciting as Morocco is always highly stimulating in terms of creativity. I captured all my impressions—from the landscape, smells, colors, and ceramics to the hustle and bustle of the streets—in photos and notes. These will prove to be a crucial source of information before my next trip to Nepal to visit the dyers and weavers of our collection.

Were you also able to meet local artists, creative spirits, and carpet producers in Morocco to look for possible synergies?

Harald Geba: Yes, it was very important to me to stimulate ideas for the next carpet designs through personal discussions with Moroccan business partners. I also took the opportunity to brainstorm with leading carpet manufacturers and interior designers in Morocco and discuss possible collaborations. I met interesting artists and was especially inspired while strolling through the souk with its pulsating market square.

Do you already have concrete plans for your next trip to Nepal, and how will you process your ideas to get them ready for the carpet dyers and weavers?

Harald Geba: I have a trip planned for April. Before then, I will take time for a mindful retreat to a quiet place for at least two weeks to transform the many notes, ideas, and photos into design sketches and close-ups. This might be in southern Styria if the weather is right, or at my home in Graz. My sketches show the first concrete color combinations, structures, and designs, the latter mostly through an abstraction of things I have seen. With all my ideas on paper, I will finally head off to Nepal.


We are already looking forward to how your story continues and to your insights into getting ready for a trip to Nepal!

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Ein Gemälde von zwei Kindern mit traditioneller Gesichtsbemalung in Marokko - Geba Teppich
Architektur in Marokko mit Traditionellen Teppichen - Geba Teppich
Harald Geba über den Dächern in Marokko - Geba Teppich