Hermann Schützenhofer übergibt Harald Geba das Steirisches Landeswappen - Geba Teppich

Awarding of the Styrian Coat of Arms

On 13 June 2018, we were officially conferred the Styrian state coat of arms by Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer, accompanied by former Governor Dr. Franz Voves in a wonderful celebration.
About 100 guests came to celebrate this honorable award with us. The Royal Garden Jazz Quartet provided musical accompaniment and played the Styrian national anthem in honor of the festive occasion.
The State of Styria honors exemplary Styrian businesses with the state coat of arms.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event and celebrated with us. And to Harry Schiffer: Thank you for the lovely photographs!
And thank you to everyone who puts their trust in the Geba Carpet Gallery.


Franz Voves, Harald Geba und  posieren gemeinsam vor Teppichdesign "Kiwi" für ein gemeinsames Foto bei der Verleihung des Steirischen Landeswappens - Geba Teppich
Ansprache von Hermann Schützenhofer vor zahlreich erschienen Gästen bei der Verleihung des Steirischen Landeswappens - Geba Teppich
Michael Tiefenruder und Harald Geba bei der Verleihung des steirischen Landeswappens - Geba Teppich
Steirisches Landeswappen Auszeichnung